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Flooring Installation in Worthing | The Benefits of Wooden Floors

Are you interested in preserving your hardwood floors? Tempted by the possibilities of luxury vinyl tiles and non-slip safety flooring? While all of these options are practical and attractive, on this page, we will be making the case for wooden floors. Here at KBE Build Ltd, we offer a wide variety of different flooring installations for clients across Worthing and the surrounding areas.

These include:

  • LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles)

  • Non-Slip Safety Flooring

  • Laminate Flooring

  • Vinyl Sheets/Linoleum

  • Opulent and Practical Carpeting

  • Solid Timber Flooring

  • Flooring Tiles

  • Hardwood Flooring

If you would like to find out more about our services, or want to receive a competitively priced quote, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We also have a company blog, which you can visit for advice for personalising your space and a range of other projects. Read on to find out more about the benefits of wooden floors.


High-quality hardwood, when installed and treated correctly, is one of the most durable building materials available. Solid underfoot, it can last for hundreds of years when maintained correctly. It is strong and copes well with changes in temperature. The only real concern is staining, scratches and the long-term risk of deterioration from organic pests such as woodworm and rot.


A hardwood floor is customisable like no other flooring material. You can repeatedly sand it down, stain and revarnish it, turning it into the shade of your choice. This is ideal for sun-bleached flooring in need of rejuvenation, as you can simply sand it down and restore it to a much darker if you desire.


Finally, a hardwood floor is a timeless feature for any home. A traditional feature of British homes for centuries, it works with a huge variety of different interior design styles, from traditional to contemporary. It is perfect for adorning with a tasteful rug, and it brings a resounding warmth to any room. We also offer parquet wooden floors, which have a classic look associated with Parisian apartments. Available in chevron, herringbone and much more, you can depend on our flooring installations to truly elevate your living space.

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