Flooring Installations and House Refurbishments in Worthing | Signs Your Home Needs Updating

As specialists in house refurbishments, our building company focuses on providing a top-tier service consistently. With a wealth of industry knowledge and experience behind us, KBE Build Ltd offers bathroom installations, flooring installations, and kitchen installations, which are widely recognised as top-of-the-range and customer-focused. If you’re a homeowner in Worthing or any of the surrounding areas we cover, why not call us today to find out more about our professional building services?

Is It Time to Contact Us?

If your home is showing signs of disrepair, or beginning to look jaded and outdated, our team can transform the interior space so it’s more in keeping with your preferences. From larger social areas to dedicated productive zones, new fixtures and fittings to a range of other house refurbishments, we’re on hand to update your property to levels you never dreamed possible.

Should you notice any of the following issues, perhaps it’s time to think about our home improvement services:

  • Higher Household Bills

  • Old Plumbing Systems

  • Broken or Worn Flooring


Costly Household Expenses

Are you noticing an increase in your monthly electricity or heating bills? If so, this could be due to your appliances being outdated and in need of replacement. KBE Build can source and install modern appliances with better energy ratings and considerably more user-friendly options as part of our kitchen installation services.

Outdated Plumbing

Is the family struggling to cope with only one bathroom? Does water pressure decrease significantly if the shower or washing machine is used? Are you experiencing blocked drains for no apparent reason? Our building company can handle all these problems and more as part of our bathroom installations and updating services.

Damaged Flooring

Have you noticed that the carpet is beginning to wear in your home’s high-traffic areas? Or are the kitchen tiles looking tired and outdated? Are they starting to lift at the corners, causing a tripping hazard for the family? Our flooring installation specialists can repair or replace your current flooring with various timber, vinyl, and carpeting options.

It’s never too late to address these issues, or any others that prevent your Worthing house from feeling like a home again. At KBE Build, it’s our building company’s goal to present you with properties that tick every box, from bathroom installations and kitchen installations to flooring installations and various value-increasing house refurbishments and building services.

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